How watching “C Street” helped me write my blog! (and if you want to know what Becky is doing watch it yourself)
July 27, 2011, 1:01 am
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So last night I thought how in heavens can watching “C street” ever help me in this blog in concern of “learning and technology” or even one or the other!? low and behold  a scene occurs in the first couple of minutes to help me out! The characters are a couple of high school students (or the high school equivalent in the UK) and one says to the other…. (try to read this with a Manchester accent) “What do you go to school for anyway, they don’t teach you anything”.

What a loaded question/comment! What does it say about “the system”?  How is it relevant to adult learning”? Do we figure out that answer as a result of “life lessons” or is there a change in the institutional approach we must take? What does it say about the facilitator? What are we doing wrong to make a young adult feel that way? How can I make a change? Is it possible to make a change in my lifetime, with the many hurdles we face as facilitators?

Way too many questions to answer tonight, but many to ponder!

Thanks “C Street”!


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Hi Angela. I too am new to this blogging thing and wonder how to put my thoughts down so they will be meaningful and inspiring to the Brenda, two years hence. A big part of me wishes these blogs were personal and everyone did not have access to them. However, in reading everyone’s blurbs I have reached a better understanding of my cohort, but also of myself. Funny how that happens!! I am very surprised at how different we all are, and yet, how similar. Some of us are (or were) feeling very insecure, and have been wondering what we have gotten ourselves into!! This past week has given me a new perspective to contemplate. Have a great weekend Angela!

Comment by bmwiest

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