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August 2, 2011, 8:43 pm
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Yeah finally something I can speak of. I do think Big Fish was a great movie to watch yesterday to demonstrate peoples realities and truths. Tim Burton is known for exaggerating the truths and questioning reality, but always with a very simple story line underneath! He then reinforces these skewed ideas with the script, production design, makeup and of course costumes.

What’s interesting about the film “Big Fish” the screenwriter (John August) paid for the rights to the novel and then went to (are you ready) Steven Spielberg to make the movie! Spielberg then in turn went to Jack Nicholson to play the part of Edward Bloom! Just imagine how different the stories would have been using Spielberg instead of Burton to direct this film and Nicholson instead of Finney. Would we have had our realities questioned the same way. I know that Spielberg has done some fantasy type movies in the past, but with an emphasis on the special effects rather then Burton’s approach of manipulating the genre to his odd perceptive.

I leave you with this YouTube video


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Hi Angela,
I really like your comments on this film. I too am trying to blog about the film and struggling with what to say. I think that one persons reality is not necessarily another persons. What is true for one individual may not be true for another. It is interesting however that regardless of this fact, it can still pluck at our heart-strings because for some this reality is simply to close to home.

Comment by clmacpherson


Thanks for giving me the image of this film as a Spielberg extravaganza! I think the central story would have been just as powerful, but the message would likely have been delivered in a very different way – there’s a topic to ponder: Tim Burton’s reality vs Steven Spielberg’s……

Comment by Susan Stein

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