Trying to get caught up
August 2, 2011, 1:32 am
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I think what I’ve learned about myself in the last two weeks is that I don’t like to share my thoughts. Or do I not like to share my thoughts because I’ve been conditioned to do so? Sure I have ideas but the inner ones that actually might help me in this process!  I’ve also learned I like asking more questions then I do answering! But isn’t that why I’m here? there I go again with another question!

What I have learned, is that I have always considered myself a very pragmatic person (quantitative) but confronted with a situation/ dilemma have thought I have always used a qualitative approach! Which really would make research about myself very difficult!? So am I truly ENFJ?! or did I just not answer the questions right?

I know another…….?

Got to go there’s a moth in my room and it’s driving me crazy!


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