August 3, 2011, 6:48 pm
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What an eye opener today was! David Porter’s presentation was so informative.  Being not of a “Brent” efficeinado I had no idea there were so many avenues we could investigate on the internet. I’d also like to thank him for the info because he probably saved me hours of researching this stuff myself. Some of the topics he presented as well as the sights that he showed us, could also develop into research papers. I haven’t begun the process of “sticky notes in a folder” the way Judith suggested, but know with David Porter’s help I have a broader range to work from.

It truly was an inspirational day!


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Angela, I agree David Porter’s presentation will percolate for a long time. The one overarching thing I took away from this afternoon is the global implications of technology-mediated education, which seems ridiculous not to have thought about before. It’s so easy to focus on your immediate environment, your college or public school, your students, your existing LMS, your reality and truth… until someone suggests you consider something else and then everything changes. Like you I’m excited to look into new educational initiatives and I think I have a broader scope of research possibilities now, which is both great and frustrating… but mostly great!

Karen Young

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